Matta e Varaschin


They define themselves as stranger to crazes, conscious of the past, curious of the present. Their design is discerning, non-invasive, rather, it embraces environments. They use pure materials, like glass that sublimates the transparency of objects, together with technological materials such as aluminium which enhances its brightness. Their research is above all oriented to the relationship among object, quality and function in which design is the essential link.


With this collection, Matta and Varaschin have brought a new standard to salon furnishing, with its compact size, generous padding, rich polished aluminium armrests, but above all the clever use of technology, with its range of roller or air massages incorporated in the seat and the now-famous colour therapy hood. An elegant collection, with a strong personality and great impact. Luxor Hair-SPA A multi-sensorial experience Luxor Hair SPA is the wash unit that guarantees clients a multi-sensorial experience, transforming in-salon washing into a real opportunity for total relaxation. The soft air full body pressure massage - with a lymph-draining and anti-cellulite effect - comes enhanced with colour therapy contained in a “hood” integrated into the wash unit which also plays music from a digital player via bluetooth, allowing the client to select the "soundtrack" desired for the hair washing treatment. With Luxor Total Relax hair washing becomes a moment that allows clients to escape from their daily routines, a veritable relaxing treatment which increasingly moves hair salons towards the concept of Hair SPAs. Luxor Hair-SPA offers a complete treatment, time-out for relaxation combined with the practicality and functionality of a high-performance wash unit.