Ross Lovegrove


Ross Lovegrove is one of the most interesting and fascinating of the conteporary designers. His work ranges from furniture to high-tech products, from waterbottles to airplane seats, and explores the creation of sculptural and organic shapes using sophisticated technology and materials. In recent years Ross Lovegrove has worked on a design concept that he likes to defineas "organic essentialism", inspired by elements and aesthetics taken from the natural world and reshaped in futuristic forms. His interest in this sort of new naturalism, which he terms "Supernatural", is accompanied by research into new materials, new application and new methods of production.


The furniture of this collection reflects the style and design of the 21st century. This furniture solution for hairdressers includes technological products and high-esthetic components. "With this new collection for Maletti I have looked to create furniture and accessories that are reflective of the 21st century in their design, technology and aesthetic vitality. The world of hairdressing is one of the most dynamic, creative and progressive of professions and for me this collection presents an opportunity to inspire all who share in this experience from the hairstylist and all the salon staff to the customer, to enjoy and appreciate the full value of creativity and the new solutions it brings. The world I am trying to create with Maletti is visionary and progressive, with lots of new ideas and forms that stimulate our senses and allow us to experience the beauty of technology, materials, and the perfection of manufacture that Maletti is so dedicated to. Each and every piece in this collection represents an enormous investment in time and effort to break the mould in an industry which is full of copies and banality... Maletti since it was first created has endeavoured to be origional and to stimulate the market with new ideas and its clients are enlightened professionals who regard themselves like Maletti as progressive, super style leaders in this exciting industry. The determination and energy of Danilo Maletti to be the number one super manufacturer in hairdressing, beauty and health products is incredible and he has encouraged me to release my own creative energy, to let rip and go for it, to find new solutions which have the logic and beauty I have been looking for and to go forward to become the superdesigner in this industry even if I dont have very much hair left to fully enjoy the full potential of my this my first collection!" Ross Lovegrove

Organic Dreams