100%safe salonfuture: the innovative salon of the future

A new concept of salon for hairdressers in total safety

In these times, the world has been called to fight a common challenge against Covid-19. Just like many others, the hairdressers’ sector was forced to slow down waiting to restart.

We, at Maletti Group, we haven’t stopped yet. We kept on working for the world we belong to, that of hairdressers, creating a new type of working space: the 100%safe salonfuture.

A new concept to face the health emergency through innovative and technological solutions that will make it possible to enjoy the experience at the hairdresser’s in a safe and continuative way, in an attempt to retain the same number of clients today as we had yesterday. Today against the Covid-19, in the future against any threat.

Our aim is therefore to offer a space in total safety both for hairdressers and the clientele. A 100%safe path, in each part.

Starting from the entrance, monitoring of temperature and sanitizing of personal belongings will be guaranteed, so as provide 100% protection for the customer and hairdresser.

In the same way, simple and efficacious technological solutions will make it possible to work in the wash, cutting and hair-set areas providing full personal protection from any external pathogenic agent.

In the end, other devices will sterilize work tools and sanitize the air in the space, to make the environment clean and without health risks.


The entrance is the business card of each hairdresser salon and the first room where initial contact with the clientele takes place. It is the first area where a totally safe path is created, the passport to our 100%safe salonfuture. The staff welcomes the customer, providing a series of procedures as taking the client’s temperature, sanitizing clothes and shoes, disinfecting bags and phones and giving the client disposable kits for use during their stay in the salon. Here the steam sterilizers for surfaces and sanitizing devices for air provide a clean environment right from the start.


The Kubetto sanitizing platform, at the entrance, quickly sanitizes the soles of shoes through a process of atomization of liquid disinfectant, which does not wet the shoes. The sanitization, which lasts 15 seconds, is automatically activated through a pressure sensor. The platform is equipped with LED lighting and has a liquid disinfectant tank capacity of 2 litres, which can be loaded manually.


The innovative sterilizer that quickly sanitizes the customer’s small belongings, such as mobile phones, sunglasses and keys.
The sterilization only lasts 15 minutes through a process of atomization of liquid disinfectant. The device is equipped with LED lighting and a liquid disinfectant tank capacity of 2 litres, which can be loaded manually.
Activation is automatic via a pressure sensor.


Proceeding along the 100%safe salonfuture path, we come to the washing units area where proximity of clients and hairdressers could be detrimental. For this reason, wash units have been designed to be distanced as far as possible from each other, providing special devices that allow the service to be used in total safety at all times.


A simple and functional expedient for the 100%safe salonfuture is the use of separators among wash units. Installed on the sides, they provide separation and even more protection for the clients when they are sitting down, guaranteeing even better protection and sound-proof insulation. Separators can be made in different materials, also en pendant with the design and colour of the sitting area: plexiglass or wood covered with skay.

Two versions available:


It’s always composed of two panels, on the right and left of the wash unit, and can only be mounted on Nelson, Aluwash and Almond wash units. It can be custom made, after a survey at the salon, and is available in skay colours or wood essences.


It is a single self-supporting panel that can be mounted on the side of the wash unit. It is available in two materials: plexi or skay.


A revolution for an experience in total safety inside the 100%safe salonfuture. The transparent “igloo” hoods, that can be sanitized using ordinary sanitizing products or hot steam, can be installed on each kind of wash unit. They are made in transparent shockproof plastic material. The ergonomic shape and the back access openings allow hair to be washed with maximum comfort and freedom of movement for the hairdresser.

A plus is the integration of plexiglass masks that don’t make it necessary for personal masks to be used during washing. The visors allow clients to protect their faces completely so as to avoid any contacts with the hairdresser and any exposure to external pathogenic agents. Also the steam produced in the hood has a sanitizing function, killing bacteria and accelerating the pose of hair dye, for a 100% safe, relaxing experience.


In this area of the 100%safe salonfuture, the constant attention paid to protect the client combines with respect for the hairdresser, endeavouring to facilitate work and creativity. Different solutions have been designed to make this moment as pleasant and safe as possible. The visors for operators provide protection from contact and external contamination. Moreover, hairdryers, straighteners and drying hoods reach high temperatures, between 150° C and 200°C, allowing a perfect hair-set in total safety.
In this area also, the UVC-Totem with UV-C technology (100% Ozone free) and Ecosteam for disinfecting surfaces, styling chairs and shelves, is recommended. Moreover, air quality monitoring will always be guaranteed thanks to the control unit.


The visor, in a transparent plastic material, was designed for the hairdresser. With ergonomic shape and backpack attachment, it gives the hairdresser full freedom of movement and creates waterproof physical separation from the client’s head, that is completely safe from any external agent.


In the 100%safe salonfuture, total sanitization of environments cannot be ignored, to comply with current regulations. It is an essential and unavoidable operation, aimed at completely eliminating any bacteria or external agent, making the environment completely safe and clean.
Maletti has therefore combined innovation and technology to create special devices for sanitizing hairdressing salons, with particular attention to the well-being of operators and customers.


The innovative sanitizing Ozone free totem, 100% Made in Italy, is ideal for complete sanitization of the environment in a continuous cycle throughout the day. Without the need for maintenance, it works in a simple and immediate way by sucking the impure molecules, such as bacteria, virus, fungus and spores, from below. The internal UV-C technology destroys the DNA of the external harmful agents, preventing reproduction and proliferation. In this way, the purified cold air is consequently released into the environment, making it 100% safe.
The continuous disinfectant action guarantees the safety of the salon 24 hours a day keeping the microbial charge under control at all times (unlike one-off sanitization or sanitization during closing hours only). In addition to having a low energy impact, the totem’s other advantage is that it does not produce ozone, therefore making sanitization safe for the salon’s staff.

It can be completely customized with logo, colors and different coating materials (skay or wood).
Three versions available: floor-standing, wall-mounted (with fixing kit) and Mini version, which can also be installed on the wall, for cabins, shelves, lifts.

UVC-Totem: for a simple, quick and safe sanitization.

Technical features

  • Selective Ozone free UV-C lamps (emission peak at 254 nm.) with high performance and pure quartz
  • Germicidal inner chamber in mirror polished stainless steel
  • Epoxy powder coated and lacquered aluminium front cover
  • Can be used in the presence of people with a continuous 24 hours a day treatment
  • Inspection slot for lamp inspection
  • All materials used are tested to resist intense UV-C rays.


Portable device for the production of hot steam up to 100°C to allow sanitization of all those surfaces and materials that can’t be treated with chemical products. Extremely easy to handle and use, it is an excellent tool to sanitize workstations after each treatment.


The sterilizer for working tools uses the UV-C disinfection technology combined with the atomization of liquid disinfectants, based on quaternary salts, for a complete sanitization of work instruments.
This cold technology is specific for disinfection treatment in salons where there is no autoclave.
The device is available in two versions: it can be placed on worktops or, in the Box version, it can be installed on a trolley. Moreover, it is equipped with LED lighting and it can be customized in all the woods and skays of the Maletti colour range.


A service trolley with drawer equipped with UV-C lamp that allows a cold disinfection process for heat sensitive tools such as brushes and combs.


A device that allows a complete sterilization of instruments and clothing. The cold UV-C technology is combined with the action of UV-C germicidal hot (70°) lamps for a totalizing disinfection process.
This instrument is equipped with a double switch to choose the most suitable disinfection according to the material.
Thanks to the towel rail, it can also be used to keep towels and clothing in a protected and safe place.
UVC-Hot Caby is available in three different dimensions: depending on requirements and available space.


A device that allows the sterilization, with temperatures above 120°C, of unbagged metal working instruments, such as scissors, blades and shavers as well as towels.
The sterilization process takes place through the use of saturated steam under pressure, which causes irreversible damage to microorganisms.
The product, in addition to salons and beauty centres, has also been certified for medical use.


A device that allows the protected enveloping of previously sterilized or sanitized utensils, guaranteeing a perfectly sealed package protected from external contamination. Equipped with a roll holder for bags of various sizes, it is made with materials that guarantee the hygiene of the packaged product.
The product has also been certified for medical use.